Introducing the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard

Introducing the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard

Introducing the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard

22 March 2022

Introducing the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard. Try our new Board Scorecard to help you assess how effectively your board is tackling the net zero transition and building resilience to climate impacts.

The Board Scorecard is designed to help you explore how your board is responding to the challenge of climate change. It will identify gaps in board performance to help you make informed decisions on priorities for action and ask the right questions in the boardroom.

Answer 20 questions to evaluate your board across four different areas: leadership, ownership, strategy, and measurement. You will receive a PDF of your Board Scorecard results (example below), with scores for each section and an overall score out of 100.

Encouraging discussion in the boardroom

The Board Scorecard can help capture impressions from board members and others in the organization, which you can use to enable an in-depth and productive discussion. The questions included can help identify gaps to be addressed, differences of view and barriers to be overcome.

You could also invite the rest of your board to complete the Board Scorecard and compare the different results to encourage a deeper discussion.

“I used the Chapter Zero Board Scorecard with my own board as a tool to trigger a conversation about where we are up to. That engagement has helped us get a clearer shared baseline of what our position is today against the various expectations and enabled us to start considering where we aim to get to and how our plans match up.”

Ruth Cairnie, Chair of Babcock and Supporting Chair of Chapter Zero

What do you think?

This Board Scorecard has been created for our members to help you progress your climate plans and board discussions. We are planning to develop this tool and would love to know if you have any feedback from using it. Please send your thoughts, comments, and suggestions to

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