Webinar “Agricultural Investing for Social and Environmental Impact: Building the Ukrainian Story”  

Webinar “Agricultural Investing for Social and Environmental Impact: Building the Ukrainian Story”  

Webinar “Agricultural Investing for Social and Environmental Impact: Building the Ukrainian Story”  

9 February 2023

Climate change is increasingly affecting business operations and important strategic decisions. That is why CxOs of large companies increase their investments in sustainable development. In particular, the activities of the agricultural sector have the greatest impact and depend on climate change.

We invite you to our webinar on 16 February at 11:00 (Kyiv time). In the format of a discussion, we will find out:

  • What is the social and environmental impact of ESG-investments in agriculture;
  • What advantages and risks should be taken into account before investing in the agricultural sector;
  • What Ukrainian experience can be useful for foreign countries;
  • How to build a successful ESG-investment strategy in agriculture in Ukraine.

Moderator: Yegor Grygorenko, Partner, Consulting and Risk Advisory practices, Deloitte Ukraine, Member of Supervisory Board of Chapter Zero Ukraine and Caucasus.

Among the speakers are the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and leading Ukrainian agricultural companies.

Language: English.

Please register via the link.

Agenda is available via the link.


Reference information:

The event will take place within the Chapter Zero Ukraine & Caucasus project dedicated to climate change management and raising awareness among company leaders about the sustainable development. The Kyiv School of Economics is the host organization, Deloitte Ukraine acts as an intellectual partner. The EBRD supports the project in partnership with the Climate Governance Initiative.  

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