Chapter Zero Ukraine&Caucasus is proud of Ukraine’s representation at the International Conference on ESG and Climate Governance

Chapter Zero Ukraine&Caucasus is proud of Ukraine’s representation at the International Conference on ESG and Climate Governance

Chapter Zero Ukraine&Caucasus is proud of Ukraine’s representation at the International Conference on ESG and Climate Governance

19 July 2023

Republic of Singapore has successfully hosting the International Conference on ESG and Climate Governance during June 26-28, 2023, organized by Sim Kee Boon Institute (SKBI) for Financial Economics at Singapore Management University, the Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE) at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, and the Climate Governance Initiative, our Chapter’s key partner. The Conference brought together academic experts, practitioners and board directors from around the world to discuss the latest developments and thinking on board governance of environmental and social issues.

The guest of honor and keynote speaker of the event was, Her Excellency, Kateryna Zelenko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Republic of Singapore. Her Excellency made a very significant speech devoted to “Geopolitics of climate change and the transition to NetZero – A Ukraine Perspective”. “There can be no sustainable development without sustainable peace” this was the key message of Ukraine’s Ambassador.

For more than 500 days, Ukraine has been bravely fighting for its freedom and independence in an unprovoked and bloody war launched by russian federation. This is the fight not only for democracy, but also for what humanity’s future must look like. As military aggression is an expression of ultimate disdain for standards of good international governance, the war in Ukraine is at the forefront of ESG debates. In addition, any war is an absolute “evil” not only for human being, but also for the environment, for all types of flora and fauna. Only the explosion of the dam at the Kakhovka HPP by russia, which has already been recognized as an international crime against the environment and ecology (the ecocide), led to the death of a significant number of plants and animals.

Despite this, both the government of Ukraine and Ukrainian business are actively working on Ukraine’s green recovery strategy. Ukraine’s goal is to “build back better” with sustainability, environmental and climate responsibility at its core. This will require considerable investment. Taking into account that Boards are facing increasing pressure from a range of stakeholders – in particular regulators and investors – to identify and address the risks and opportunities associated with the impact their businesses are having on society and the environment, Ukraine and Ukraine’s recovery are not of any exceptions. That is why Ukrainian business should make a massive efforts to transform its own corporate consciousness and approach to clime-related risks and opportunities.

So, Chapter Zero Ukraine&Caucasus is proud of Ukraine’s representation by Kateryna Zelenko at such a high-level event and expresses its gratitude for promotion of Ukraine as a country that, despite the threat to its own existence, is committed a lot to the principle of sustainability in its recovery plans.

We at Chapter Zero Ukraine&Caucasus is also well aware that in addition to the right corporate approach and innovative green projects, the green recovery of Ukraine will be impossible without international support, reliable partners and ambitious cooperations. So, our Chapter expresses its gratitude also to the organizers and separately to our partner, the Climate Governance Initiative, for raising Ukraine’s issue in Singapore, a world leader in sustainable development.

Find key conference’s takeaways via link.

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