Boards Practices for Sustainability Progress (Webinar and Peer Exchange)

Boards Practices for Sustainability Progress (Webinar and Peer Exchange)

Boards Practices for Sustainability Progress (Webinar and Peer Exchange)

15 березня 2023

Tue 21st Mar 8:00am – 9:30am (CET)

Location: Online Event 

The world is in turmoil, and boards are working hard to handle many issues, including sustainability transition.

  • What is the progress on sustainability transition among businesses, and how do boards guide them? How has the board’s own processes and work developed to include sustainability?
  • How are the ESG and sustainability trends and regulations impacting the progress?
  • How are boards balancing the focus on risk, opportunity, strategy and reporting, and different stakeholders?

The webinar arranged by the Nordic CGI chapter Boards Impact Forum will include the following:

  • Breaking new insights on companies’ sustainability progress and boards’ contribution from research done by Sustainability Advisor Purple Ivy in collaboration with Boards Impact Forum.
    Two highly experienced Non-Executive Directors with Sustainability Experience
  • Peer Discussions with other board members on boards sustainability guiding progress
  • Comments and Reflections by experienced NEDs and Experts.

More details and registration are available via link


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